Pool Inspection in Fresno, CA

When its kept in good, safe condition, a pool is a great amenity to enjoy on your property. It can bring you many fun-filled days of relaxation and enjoyment. Unfortunately, if there are problems with your pool, it could just as easily become one of your property’s biggest burdens. Only a qualified swimming pool inspector in Fresno, CA will be able to tell you what condition a pool is really in.

At WIN Home Inspection Fig Garden, we focus our trained eye on the total condition of a pool. Our mission is to provide you with a clear, comprehensive report of the pool’s condition, as well as the condition of surrounding support systems such as decking, paving, fencing/gating and more.

Comprehensive Inspections

Our pool inspections in Fresno, CA are totally comprehensive. For all pool and spa inspections, we assess the safety of walking surfaces, access doors and fences, re-circulation equipment and all other equipment. Our non-invasive inspections let you know about the presence of any apparent issues, including cracking in the infrastructure of the pool, organic formations (mildew, mold), damage to the pool and anything else worth noting.

Repair Recommendations

If we notice significant issues with a pool during our visual inspection, further evaluation and/or repair may be recommended. We’ll thoroughly document the scope of the problem, qualify any affected areas, recommend the right course of action and can sometimes even provide rough estimates for repair costs.*

*Please note that we do not offer repair services and any estimates given by our inspectors are purely speculative. For estimates on pool services, please contact a qualified repair professional.

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If there are problems with a pool’s infrastructure, recirculation equipment or safety features, you need to know about them. Schedule a pool inspection appointment with WIN Home Inspection Fig Garden today by calling 559-363-4080 and we’ll bring you the peace of mind that comes from knowing every square inch of your pool has been inspected and thoroughly assessed.

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