Roof Inspection in Fresno, CA

Having a good roof over your head is more than just an expression—it’s a necessity! Your roof protects every part of your home, from the foundation to the interior. A good roof keeps out the elements; a damaged one only invites headaches in.

To know what you’re dealing with when it comes to your roof, it pays to get a roof inspection in Fresno, CA from WIN Home Inspection Fig Garden. We’ll make sure you know exactly what condition your roof is in.

Comprehensive Inspections

Our comprehensive roofing inspections tell you everything you need to know about your roof. We examine the structure to ensure sound drainage and quality construction, as well as any and all roofing materials, to ensure they’re still able to protect your home. From the flashing to asphalt shingles or clay tile, we’re adept at spotting even the smallest problems.

We’ll let you know if your roof is ready to hold up to heavy rains, high winds, intensive sunlight and anything else Mother Nature decides to throw at it.

Roof Certifications

We’re so confident in our assessment capabilities that we also provide roof certifications in Fresno, CA. If we sign off on your roof, we can provide a 2-year guarantee that ensures a roofer will come out to fix it at no cost to you if it leaks. We give you the peace of mind that comes with a thorough, expert inspection and the guarantee behind our good name as roofing inspectors.


Schedule a Roofing Inspection

Problems with a roofing system don’t take long to make themselves apparent. Before you invest in a home, make sure it’s got a good roof over it! Call WIN Home Inspection Fig Garden today at 559-363-4080 to schedule a complete roof inspection. We’ll make sure everything checks out, so you don’t end up with costly problems when you move in! Plus, don’t forget about our 2-year roof certifications!

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