Sewer Inspection in Fresno, CA

sewer linesFrom the front door to the street, homeowners are responsible for the home’s sewer line. Problems lurking deep within the line could very quickly become a major headache for unprepared homeowners, causing anything from frustrating plumbing problems to the need for complete sewer line replacement!

The quickest and best way to stay on top of sewer lines problems is to consult with WIN Home Inspection Fig Garden for a sewer line inspection in Fresno, CA. We’ll probe your lines to ensure any and all problems are caught early and their ramifications avoided. Whether you’re buying a home or need insight into your existing home’s lines, we’re here to help.

Video Inspection Equipment

Our inspections are done using state-of-the-art equipment that gives us a clear view of everything we need to see to diagnose problems in your sewer lines. Our sewer camera inspection in Fresno, CA allows us to take a look at anomalies in real-time, so we can qualify them and properly document them. Regardless of whether you’re in the middle of a real estate transaction, we recommend having your sewer line scoped annually, just to stay abreast of issues.

Full Inspections

Many homeowners simply have their sewer lines hydro-jetted when problems begin to surface. This is only a temporary fix and tells you nothing about what’s actually happening to cause the issues. Our full video inspections ensure there are no blockages, broken pipes, root intrusions, calcifications or anything else. By seeing the problem, we can provide the right advice for how to deal with it—whether it’s jetting away a blockage or having part of your line replaced due to failure.

sewer line inspection

Schedule a Sewer Inspection

Not every sewer inspection company uses state-of-the-art visual inspection equipment. At WIN Home Inspection Fig Garden, we do, so you always know what you’re up against. Contact us today at 559-363-4080 to schedule a sewer inspection and let us provide thorough insight into what’s happening out of sight, deep within your home’s sewer lines.

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